i'm a fountain of blood...

in the shape of a girl.

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about me

:: likes ::

.socks. dolls. cereals. tofu. vodka. comics. dreamers. truths. lower cases. pretty graphics. photography. bubble tea. cables. alone time. drawing. music. eggs. horror. autumn. miu miu. oj. writing. dreams. sunnies. raindrops. mystery. movies. animals. sneakers. traveling. ambition. quotes. chocolate. anime. scribbles. quiet. vans. lakes. potatoes. quotes. skratching. comedy. tv series. reading. toy models. icons. painting. snow. milkshakes. roleplay.

:: dislikes ::

.smoke. bright lights. bitter greens. crowds. noise. powder. arrogance. boredom. insects. ingrown toenails. drama. gore. migraines. spiders. dust.

:: tv shows ::

24. alias. angel. being human. bleach. bones. brothers & sisters. btvs. californication. chuck. criminal minds. csi: miami. csi: ny. dark angel. desperate housewives. dexter. doctor who. family guy. friends. fringe. glee. grey's anatomy. heroes. house. how i met your mother. justified. legend of the seeker. leverage. lie to me. lost. merlin. misfits. naruto. nikita. one piece. one tree hill. prison break. scrubs. secret diary of a call girl. skins. smallville. southpark. suits. supernatural. the big bang theory. the mentalist. the office. the simpsons. the vampire diaries. the walking dead.

:: books/comics ::

archie. avengers. batman. dmz. harry potter. house of secrets. sandman. superman. the books of magic. transmetropolitan. x-men.

:: anime/manga ::

akira. beck. blade of the immortal. bleach. card captor sakura. cowboy bebop. death note. dragon ball. fruits basket. full metal alchemist. getbackers. ghost in the shell. grave of the fireflies. gravitation. great teacher onizuka. hana yori dango. howl's moving castle. naruto. neon genesis evangelion. one piece. ranma 1/2. rurouni kenshin. samurai champloo. shaman king. slam dunk. spirited away. whisper of the heart. yu yu hakusho.

:: ships ::

nikita/michael. dean/bela. sam/ruby. boyd/ava. alec/max. michael/sara. lex/lana. elena/stefan. mulder/scully. lois/clark. mj/harry. katherine/stefan. flack/angell. sydney/vaughn. bruce/rachel. spike/buffy. harry/mj. shane/carmen. oliver/chloe. constantine/angela.

:: rp ::

.list of muses available here. all are available for play through rp comms, random threads, email, etc, unless stated otherwise. pm for play. mun is above 18. slow!tag + back!tag friendly. <3.

:: plurk ::

.colormyspoon. feel free to add if you'd like. i update rp related stuff there + the usual.

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